The Farewell Reunion Tour

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"If we don't rehearse, then the terrorist win."

— Carl Hollywood


You'll love our costume for the first set: White shorts and a white sweatshirt with CHOOSE GUT in big block letters. (It will also be on sale in the lobby and in the totally secure online Gut Store.)

We will wear the traditional puffy shirts in the second set, complete with accessories, like my signature imitation-leopard-fur vest. (Imitation fur is imitation murder.) If there is one thing I know, it is this: You have to give the fans what they want, ready or not.

I'm having a problem with the costumes for the third set. Obviously, we want to be decked out in pastel wedding suits (Girl, I want to GUT you up). The problem: Should we all be wearing the same color? And if so, what color? Pink? Powder blue? And if not, do we carry the colors from the puffy shirts of the second set? I am vexed.

Then there is Junglewear in the fourth set (Do the Gorilla), and Hawaiian shirts and baggies in the fifth set (The Combovers). And then the Glitter Encore.

So yes, there are more costume changes than songs, but I think our fans will prefer it that way. Since we will be backstage changing for most of the show, we'll need some filler material for the intervals.