The Comeback Kids

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Gut, the first boy band of the seventies, is about to launch history's longest long-awaited comeback.

The story begins in the same decade as the famous "Summer of Love" in the other birthplace of the blues, Newport Beach, California. This sleepy, working class resort town would (or perhaps more correctly, someday might) become indelibly identified with the hard-to-explain but harder-to-ignore Gut Sound. While not exactly hard-driving, and at the same time not always entirely musical, the brutally uncompromising Gut Sound was poised to set the beat for an entire generation. But "poised" was not in this band's vocabulary.

By cleverly avoiding publicity and public performances for over 30 years, Gut managed to avoid the pressures of fame and fortune which caused great pain and turmoil for many better-known but less-funny bands. By coming through it all ok, Gut becomes a powerful role model for a new generation of obscurity-bound musicians.