Say again? WHAT?
Say again? WHAT?
Wud you say? WHAT?
Can you repeat that? WHAT?
I can't hear you.

We are Gut and we're here to thrill ya
With Far Out Figs and Do the Gorillya

We're well endowed and we like it loud
In my pants I'm well endowed
And when I dance I like it loud

We are the rulahs, no one can fight us
But we're hard of hearing. I got tinnitus

I'm here to tell all my bros and cuzzes
I can't hear nuthin but clicks and buzzes

I can't hear. I'm def as a stone
No direction home, Complete unknown

  I C Twildo. I be hurtin'
  Some G drop da final curtain

  I be rappin' long n' hard
  But now I be in da yard

  On my back, da earth above me
  Can' hear what you sayin' of me

  I can' hear a goddam thing
  Fendenbrewster got to sing

  Say again: What?
  Know what I'm sayin'?
  Say again: What?
Thass sum fine rappin.

My momma cried da day da music died
and it all began when I pimped my ride

I used to think nuthin in da hole world wuz sweetah
Dan a trunk fulla woofahs an a rack fulla tweetahs

I like to have fun but I'm def as a post
Like da son and da fathah and the friendly ghost

Always do right and you'll never do wrong.
So remember. WHAT? is the name of this song.
I don't know.
No, the name of the song is WHAT?
Why are you axing me?
I'm not axing you. I'm not even asking you. I'm telling you.
Telling me what?
That's the name of the song.
What's the name of the song?
You got it.
The name of the song is "You Got It."
No, the name of the song is WHAT?
I don't know.

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