I'll See You in Simi

I've been to Reseda, Sepulveda Pass
I've tried San Fernando, Van Nuys
I've wandered Tarzana, explored Thousand Oaks
To look for that look in your eyes

I've searched far and wide
For a place to call home
A place you could stand by my side
But there's only one city
That still measures up
Of all of the cities I've tried

I'll see you in Simi
Right by the dreamy
Old hamburger stand

I hope you'll come see me
Come out here to Simi
Let's make it our plan

Oh, the beauty of Santa Susanna
Will fill all the thick evening air
And the lights from the freeway
Will show us a new way
You know I'll be there

I'll be me in Simi
I think I can free me
A place of my own

I hope you'll come see me
Come out here to Simi
You'll see how it's grown

And so little Mimi
Come with me to see me
And you'll see the Simi I've known

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